Welcome to the St. Louis Corvette Club (STLCC)

From picturesque tours on country roads to competition driving we have a wide range of very interesting events. Good food is always a priority whether it's a road run to a new restaurant or a relaxed Sunday brunch outing. We love to sit down and enjoy the company of friends and talk about corvettes.

Remembering club members that have left us.
Pictures from our time together
James Mike Kirby Bill Dotson
Mike Kirby 2021 Bill Dotson 2020
Jerry Craig Tony Jokerst
Jerry Craig 2020 Tony Jokerst 2020
Sharon Love Elise Akins
Sharon Love 2020 Elise Akins 2020
Ken Dahman Sandy Kirby
Ken Dahman 2019 Sandy Kirby 2018
Carl Ballinger Don Giovanoni
Carl Ballinger 2017 Don Giovanoni 2015
Armynta Craig Roger Ruengert
Armynta Craig 2012 Roger Ruengert 2012
Jerry Fain Lawrence Woods
Jerry Fain 2009 Lawrence Woods 2006